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Retaliation possible in Dewey Beach

By K. S. Jacoby | Nov 08, 2013

I am surprised at Dewey Beach's suspension of the rental license of the owners of 114 Chesapeake St. The property owners maintain they have complied with all zoning code and setback requirements. So why then has the town now hired three attorneys to go after them? Is this the same town that is lax in enforcing code requirements? That allows numerous zoning code violations? Why enforce now on these owners?

They went through a board of adjustment hearing in mid-June, with the town manager and building official testifying that they were in compliance, and then enforcement actions start in early August? What happened between June and August? Marcia Schieck, one of the owners, has often been outspoken on behalf of property owners and critical of the town manager’s secretive meetings with DBE on Ruddertowne construction compliance.

After the July 19 town council meeting, she was also outspoken about the town manager appparently undermining the hard work of the budget and finance committee on a business gross receipts tax. The timing just seems odd to me, as does the arbitrary nature of the enforcement action.

Does anyone know of anyone who ever had their rental license suspended or revoked for a fence? Should we property owners be afraid of retaliation for speaking up for what we believe in?

K. S. Jacoby

Dewey Beach


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