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RV city: Cure may be worse than disease

By Fay Jacobs | Mar 21, 2013

This letter may be late to the party, but I just read all the negative letters about the proposed RV park near Love Creek. I have traveled parts of the East Coast and Canada by RV and have stayed at some pretty amazing and beautiful campgrounds. The plans for this one look like a great use of space and a boon to tourism.

But that doesn't really matter. What would you rather see on the site? An attractive campground that retains trees and makes itself beautiful, provides well-managed water access and enhances the environment, or the clear cutting of the land for another slew of cheaply made townhouses?

Be careful what you lobby against. The cure might be worse than the disease.

Fay Jacobs
Rehoboth Beach

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Posted by: Thomas Adams | Mar 21, 2013 18:18

I didn't realize there were just two options on the table. The fallacy of the false dilemma.  Logic 101.

Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Mar 22, 2013 05:47

I would rather see this unique piece of land preserved for future generations absent habitat destruction, and more townhouses. But, alas, we live in America where exploitation is considered progress.

Posted by: Greg and Terri Kordal | Mar 22, 2013 10:07

If you were to further investigate the plans for this RV park you will understand that the space needed for the 650+ sites, pool, clubhouse, amphitheater, tiki bar, roads, playing fields and other amenities will strip the land more than a residential development.  Homeowners will landscape and plant new trees.  This RV site has a development density far greater than a residential plan.

Also - there is no enhancement of the environment with this project.  Dangers to the creek, ponds, water table, etc. exist if the park is developed. Plus - well-managed access to Love Creek for potentially 2,500 campers is questionable.  This section of Love Creek is not optimal for water sports.

Finally - this area has several wonderful single family home communities, not "cheaply built" residences.  It is on the hands of the developer what types of construction is created - and that is the issue.  An RV campground is not the right development for this property.  We invite you to visit this site - see the surrounding communities and travel the narrow, winding roads that pose additional issues for the large camping vehicles.  You will likely change your mind.

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