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RV park editorial totally one-sided

By Kit Zak | Mar 07, 2013

The editorial in the March 1 Cape Gazette that gave whole-hearted support to the Lingo RV park project was very one-sided. It showed a total lack of concern for the environment and the well-being and safety of residents.


Due to expansive development in the past few years, the health of Love Creek has been undermined to the extent that it has been declared a nutrient reduction zone.


The Clean Water Act, a federal law, seeks to reduce the nutrient level in order to keep the creek and its tributaries viable. Lingo’s plan to decimate the 160 acres of forest adjacent to the creek will have the impact of increasing run-off dramatically, up to four times greater. The proposed density of the 516-site RV park (along with 82 cabins) will further degrade the creek. Lingo’s plan violates the Clean Water Act.


Road infrastructure has not kept pace with the development. The narrow and unimproved back roads will be an invitation to more accidents and fatalities.


Anyone traveling on Route 24 during the summer knows that ambulances have trouble driving though stalled summer traffic. Picture please the additional trauma caused by, for example, 100 or more RVs clogging up the roads on a turn-around Saturday when first responders are hurrying to a fire, a heart attack victim, or a traffic accident.


Kit Zak



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