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RV Park will ruin nature and tranquility

By Drs. Lydia and Stacy Cohen | Apr 12, 2013

It is very disturbing to think that our lovely community in The Retreat at Love Creek and other surrounding neighborhoods would be ruined if Lingo develops the RV City. My husband and I have lived in Delaware for 29 years and we are small business owners in this fine state.

We love our new community for its peacefulness and the natural, beautiful surroundings of Love Creek. Now the developer plans to put in a tiki bar and amphitheater in our backyard. What a travesty!

It’s obvious to us that this RV development will damage and pollute this serene area. Cedar Grove is a very winding, narrow road, and Robinsonville Road could never handle the increased traffic load that will be created by the project. And what about Postal Road and Plantation Road from Route 1, which already experience bumper-to-bumper traffic from Memorial Day through Labor Day? What terrible logic to now add a 620-site RV City!

The right thing to do is to reject the rezoning and reject this development. I encourage our Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commissioners and County Council members to Vote NO to the RV City.

Thank you for your time and listening to all of us.

Drs. Lydia and Stacy Cohen

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Apr 12, 2013 07:19

Opposition of quiet, polite concern.

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