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RV proposal highlights need for a plan

By Richard T. and Margaret E. Marino | Apr 25, 2014

The proposed Love Creek RV City project in Lewes has created a storm of protests from the surrounding communities. Communities that contain taxpaying citizens who take pride in their homes and surrounding communities and are very concerned about the impact of a massive 600+ RV development.

My wife and I moved into The Retreat at Love Creek in Nov 2012. It is a wonderful community of caring families who now see their lives seriously affected by the proposed RV City with the resulting increase in traffic and serious environmental impacts.

The developer wants the proposed RV City location to be re-zoned citing lack of RV locations in the Lewes area. Yet it has been established that there are over 4,000 currently available RV sites in the area.

The developer also wants to include besides the 600+ pads, a boat launch/ tiki bar/ cabins and kayak launch. These projects are in violation of County Code Article XXIV, chapter 115.172, section H.

The property could be developed with low density housing which would provide greater tax revenue to the county but less profit to the developer. The developer also paid for a traffic study that supported his claims but used incorrect statistical models to make their case. Please take the time and effort to examine this study carefully.

It is important for our community to have an approved plan for future growth and revenue but it should be done in a coordinated way. The local taxpaying citizens need to have their concerns heard and proper attention giving to them.

Richard T. and Margaret E. Marino

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