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Safe Haven questions remain unanswered

By Meg Ellacott and Stephanie Moyer | Jun 10, 2014

About two months ago, April Hudson sent a letter asking the questions that were on many minds about the Safe Haven fiasco. They were fair, straightforward questions.

Thousands of people were defrauded out of their donations, big and small, to the Safe Haven cause. Then 13 dogs were euthanized in direct violation of their own mission and vision. What happened here was unethical, dishonorable and perhaps criminal.

Shouldn’t someone be held accountable? Is the Attorney General’s Office looking into this matter or not? Is there an open case against Safe Haven? Just how much money over, say, an eight-year period was donated to Haven? Fifty, eighty, one hundred thousand dollars?

Locals and visitors alike need answers to April’s questions from two months ago. Thank you, April for your call for accountability.

Meg Ellacott and Stephanie Moyer
Rehoboth Beach



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