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Safe Haven still needs your help

By Dr. Lynn Lofthouse | Oct 11, 2013

Safe Haven is open, operating, adopting, and transferring dogs to give them every opportunity to find homes.

Safe Haven dogs need homes and you can help out. Come in to adopt one of our beautiful dogs and give them a forever home. None of what happened is the dogs’ fault!!

Whatever you think about Safe Haven or anyone here, remember this: It’s not about people; it’s about the dogs!

You can help by adopting and encouraging your friends to adopt one of our deserving dogs. Stop saying there is “Parvo” at the sanctuary; this just hurts adoptions and hurts finding homes for loving dogs. There is no Parvo at Safe Haven and we can prove this!

By donating money, you make it possible for Safe Haven to continue operations. This makes it possible for us to keep dogs safe until they are adopted or transferred to quality no-kill shelters with excellent placement records. By donating treats, bleach and food, you brighten their day (and ours’).

Don’t punish our beautiful dogs for the mess people - people - created. Stop the attacks that only prevent these dogs from finding forever homes. It is about the dogs and the dogs only! Time is of the essence!

Dr. Lynn Lofthouse
Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary

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