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Same day registration is a 'no-brainer'

By Janet Orlando | May 13, 2014

HB105 Needs to be passed now. Those who are against the passage of same-day registration come up with ridiculous reasons for being against it. A common one is that it creates voter fraud. Studies have consistently shown that voter fraud is an extremely rare event. Several recent letters have cited a situation in North Carolina that is still under investigation. Nothing has been proven and accusations are not facts.

Same day registration and voting eliminates arbitrary deadlines, cutting off registration at crucial times just before elections. This is often when people become most interested in issues - 20 or 30 days before an election, when candidate debates and campaigns are in full swing.

Perhaps the real question should be, why are these folks so afraid of increasing the possibility of getting more people to the voting booths? Might it simply be that an increase in voter turnout threatens them in some way? It's time that Delaware stopped making excuses and passed this very important bill into law now. There is absolutely no valid reason not to.

Janet Orlando

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