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Same-sex marriage fight not going away

By Robert J. Frost | May 23, 2013

The same sex marriage law passed in Delaware has a caveat allowing churches, priests and ministers from having to officiate at same sex weddings if against their principles.

The state of California passed same sex marriage and the electorate objected. They placed the issue on the ballot and it was overturned by a fairly significant margin.  One couple filed suit with a federal judge and the votes of the citizens of California are now before the Supreme Court.

Prediction: within two years in one of the present states allowing for same sex marriage with the copout provision, a same sex couple who are members of a congregation will sue, stating they are being discriminated against and a federal judge will rule in their favor.  The case will ultimately end up before the Supreme Court.  History shows until all of the fences are taken down, this issue will not be settled.

A day of reckoning is coming and, I fear, the citizens of this country will rue the decisions that have been made.

Robert J. Frost

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Posted by: Thomas Adams | May 23, 2013 17:11

I’ll tell you what I rue, Mr Frost: careless misstatement of fact.  California did not pass same sex marriage, as you claim.   The state issued licenses beginning June 16, 2008 as a result of a ruling from the State Supreme Court.  The state stopped issuing licenses on November 5, 2008 owing to passage of Proposition 8.  Prop 8 did not pass by a “fairly significant margin” as you state.  It passed with 52.24% of the vote.  Finally, two couples filed a federal suit against the state—not one couple.  You also do not mention that several groups attempted to join these two couples as plaintiffs but the judge added just one: the City of San Francisco.  The judge reasoned that the addition of more groups would likely complicate and stall the case.  You also did not mention that the state of California declined to defend the suit.  I have a prediction of my own for you Mr Frost:  People will consider your predictions more seriously when you support them with facts.

Posted by: Jim Austin | Jun 03, 2013 10:17

Religious institutions have always had the right to decide who they will marry, and who they will not marry. The new same-gender marriage statute does not change this.


On July 1, Delaware will join at least a dozen states by levelling the playing field to include same-gender CIVIL marriage. This is not a religious event, it's the civil contract between two loving men or two loving women, and their state government.


It does not have a religious element to it, and churches are specifically protected from having to perform same-gender marriages (like they have always been protected from having to perform any opposite-gender marriages they may not agree with).


Gays can have a religious marriage (separate from civil marriage) if they can find a church willing to marry them. Just like straight folks.


It's all good.



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