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SEA TO SHINING SEA: A day of rain, a day of curds

By Dennis Forney | May 16, 2013
Photo by: Dennis Forney Many times the hard uphill pedals are rewarded with stunning views like this one looking southward over the coast at Wheeler, Oregon.

CAPE LOOKOUT STATE PARK, OREGON COAST — DAY THREE - Rode about 25 miles today on top of yesterday's 34. A short day.  Not feeling real chipper.  Head cold, fuzzy head.  Set up camp early.  Napped.  Death warmed over is not far from accurate.  So far Becky's holding it off.  If it gets worse I'll keep in mind a marvelous quote from the first Harry Potter book: "For the well-constructed mind death is just the next adventure."  I'll work on that construction but for now the ends of my fingers hurt when I strike the keys.

It rained most of yesterday.  Tested our equipment and happy to report it kept us warm and dry.  But by the time we made Garibaldi we were ready for a hot shower and a hot toddy. Camp EconoLodge provided the shower, two headed no less.  Kelly's next door provided the hot toddy which for Becky was white wine and for me was a Johnny Walker Red scotch followed by a pint of IPA.  Boilermaker. At a round table nearby a bunch of locals were hashing out the issues of the day.  Mayor and others.  It might be a good idea for Jim Ford, Marion Jones and Sam Cooper to do a similar round table to stay in touch.  Rotate: M&H Welding for Milton, Crystal for Rehoboth, Beach Deli or Lemon Tree for Lewes. At Kelly's they fueled the conversation with a fresh pot of coffee.

Here are some more photos for you.

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We pushed a button before we went through this tunnel. Glad we didn't have to ride over the mountain but it's hard to describe the monstrous sounds of trucks and cars coming at you, and huge RVs threatening to eat you from behind.  Doppler effect.  Screaming jet planes. Lord of the Rings.  No shoulders.  We were happy to scrap and claw out way through with no injuries.
This spotted squirrel visited our campsite and offered to eat any food we didn't want.  In the mean time, it feasted on the blossoms of tiny wild daisies.  Kevin, Angie, Tony, Mark and Chuck.  Touch base with me when I get back for some tips.
We stopped by the Tillamook Cheese Factory and bought a bag of fresh curds.  The source of all their famous cheddar cheeses squeaks when you chew it.  Very tasty.  I have more photos to share but each one is taking five minutes to upload so I'll stop here.  Also, excuse the typos.  They take a heckuva long time to effect as well - and sorry for the strong language. The Morning Star was the first commercial vessel ever registered in Oregon.
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Posted by: Susan Frederick | May 17, 2013 18:10

Hi Becky and Dennis

What a great adventure. The maps and references, too.  The greens are brilliant in the photos.  Stay healthy and take care of yourselves.  That tunnel looks scary!

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