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SEA TO SHINING SEA: A tree worthy of song

By Dennis Forney | May 19, 2013
Photo by: Dennis Forney The Sequoia giganta is on the right of the Campbell building. It's really a special tree.  See below.

MONMOUTH, OREGON — DAY 6 - Barefootin' Across America - Broke camp at the fairgrounds this morning at about 7:30.  Nice place.  Quiet.  Pedaled on a bicycle trail paralleling 99W for about seven miles.  Eased into Monmouth.  Booked a room at the Courtesy Inn.  Clean.  Nice table for writing.  Rest day.  Laundry today.

This is home to Western Oregon University - mascot The Wolves. We're told 6,500 students but it doesn't seem like that many.  Maybe they all went home for the weekend

Monmouth has met Tree City USA standards for 11 years.  It shows.  Beautiful trees here.  Rehoboth has Tree City designation as well. Towns that care about their trees are good towns.

A great big Sequoia giganta towers over the most historic looking building on campus - Campbell Building.  A graduating class planted the tree in about 1887.  Now it's up there around 100 feet.  They must light it for the holidays.  One article I read said it's the largest holiday tree on any college campus in US.  (National Geographic fact-checkers told me to never trust a superlative. Just telling you what I read.)

We've logged 177 miles so far. Tomorrow we'll break 200.  Headed south toward Corvallis, then toward Eugene and Bend.  Miles to go before we sleep. We'll try to get an early start.  Tomorrow's supposed to be sunny and maybe wind at our backs.

Keep on the sunny side.  Here are some more photos for you.  Thanks for looking. Vaya con dios.

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Becky looks pretty small compared to the Sequoia.
These are some serious branches. Looking straight up.  Hey Drexel, Bad Hair Day?
Prayer flags outside St. Hilda's Episcopal Church on Sunday afternoon.  Lots of love in all those flags and colors.
I met Charlie while he was riding his bike on Main Street.  "It was pink last week.  I'm alright with who I am so I kinda liked pink.  But this is more what I was after."
A nice laundromat on Monmouth's main drag.  Clean.  Smelled good, like warm clothes just out of the dryer. A good table there for reading and writing too.  Plenty of stories in a laundromat.  Open 24/7. Puts me in the mind of Hemingway's short story A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.
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Posted by: Susan Frederick | May 20, 2013 21:09

Becky, you look terrific!  Colors are great in photos, too.

Bad hair day for the tree, splendid hair day for Charlie.


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