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SHINING SEA: Paterno billboard, Penn State, Sandusky, Bradley

By Dennis Forney | Aug 19, 2013
Source: Internet The Paterno billboards along Route 322, east of State College, Pa.

State College, PA — AUGUST 19, 2013 - The riding has ended - for now. I've abbreviated the name of this blog to Shining Sea.

Becky and I were in State College over the weekend for Kelly and Tommy's wedding.  Beautiful event on the side of a Pennsylvania mountain outside State College.

I've always liked State College.  Meredith went there for four years and we visited.  World-class campus.  Nice downtown.  Shops and bars and hotels. I always thought of the whole scene as Newark, Delaware on steroids. Cool scene.

Lots of emphasis these days in rebuilding and repairing the pride of the Nittany Lions in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal. We saw lots of blue and white signs, large and small - in stores and in corn fields - showing support for Penn State football.

On Sunday, driving east from State College back toward Delaware, we passed a remarkable billboard display. I included it at the top of this blog. Many Penn State alumni and  State College residents are determined that Joe Paterno's legacy won't be forever under the Sandusky cloud.

Earl Bradley left a cloud in Lewes too.  I still think more needs to be done to get at the root of the sickness that leads to the atrocious crimes perpetrated by pedophiles like them.  There is plenty being done - as is appropriate - for the victims of such crimes.  But I'm not so sure we're doing enough to help those whose brains take them in such sordid directions.

All that said, Happy Valley is still a wonderful part of the world and Penn State's amazing momentum as a constructive and enlightening institution, and the Nittany spirit, will get them through this sad chapter. Joe Pa's statue is gone from in front of the stadium but his name still graces the library that he helped fund.

Maybe out of that library will come the kind of enlightenment it will take to solve problems like these. In another store window downtown in State College another blue and white sign - patterned after the We Support Penn State Football signs - proclaimed We Support Penn State Academics.

Sign in front of a church on the main drag in downtown State College. (Think I better clean that lens.)
A group of us toured Penn State's amazing campus Saturday morning. That's Ford in front. behind him are Alison, Jewel, Meredith, Bryan, Rob, Larry, Becky, Lee, Gail, Gail, Joyce and Frankie. Family and friends.  Good stuff.
Grandfather moment.  So, the boy's name is Ford.  I call him Fordy.  I couldn't help but get him a little T-shirt with 40 on the front.  Pretty clever huh? Obviously he thought so too. Meredith and Rob are happy he's happy.
It's a good thing we're not fur-bearing creatures by nature.  That would be bad for the garment business.  Here's a sign on the counter of a dress shop in downtown State College that caught my eye.
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