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Smokers discriminated against in Rehoboth

By Nathan Reckart | Aug 18, 2014

I have been coming to Rehoboth for quite a number of years. We were not told anything about a smoke-free Boardwalk when we made reservations and paid for the condo in full. I think by law all condos and hotels/motels should be required to tell their guests that a given area has gone smoke free before they take any money

It’s a good thing I looked on the City Of Rehoboth website before our trip there - that only being a short time away now - or I would have come into Rehoboth with quite the shocker...

The City of Rehoboth has gone way too far, seeing that a lot of condos/hotels and all restaurants are 100 percent nonsmoking, and now you can't go out of your room to have a smoke on the Boardwalk in the open air. Wow - really?

I can understand if there was a $75 fine for littering. People should know better than to litter, but don’t take it out on just the smokers.

When people are indoors, smoking should be restricted, but when it comes to smoking outside in the open air, it is nothing more than a witch hunt.

I feal as if the city has in some ways violated all smokers' civil rights. Now under the U.S. Constitution each U.S. citizen has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and civil rights are the rights of individuals to receive equal treatment and to be free from unfair treatment.

It is 100 percent unfair treatment when we are made to stand in a very small area on the hot sand, and sometimes my legs hurt me and I need to sit down from time to time. Now I can's sit to have a smoke on beach, and I am made to feel like a scolded schoolchild just to have a smoke outside in the open air. How unfair is that?

There should be at least 1 bench along the Boardwalk with an area of five feet on the right and left sides and seven feet back. As to the Bandstand and the sitting area only - yes keep it no smoking; as to sidewalks going down Rehoboth Avenue on each side of the Bandstand there should be smoking and the same for the outside sitting area in front of the Bandstand where the restrooms are, where the benches are facing up Rehoboth Avenue,

My point is there is nowhere for a smoker to sit down and enjoy seeing the ocean and have a smoke and that is unfair treatment.

I bet someone will send a letter going on about how smoking is the sole reason for cancer. But I am not nor will I debate the ins and outs of cancer. But I am saying that all people should have the right to sit down and look out over the ocean and have a smoke or a cool drink of soda.

My hope is something will change quickly. My bet is nothing will change for smokers nor will anyone care, so in this case the best I can do for next year is find a place where smokers are a bit more welcome. It’s sad, but for now it’s not Rehoboth. If you are proud of your no smoking areas then let smokers know it loud and clear before they book or rent a place at the beach.

There will always be prejudiced people, but when the rights of even one American is in danger of being violated or one group of people are being unfairly treated we all stand to lose, for today it’s smokers and tomorrow it can be you!

Nathan Reckart
Somerset, Pa.

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Posted by: Jim Austin | Aug 18, 2014 21:02

There are plenty of places you can smoke at the beach resorts in Delaware. Just not where the majority of people are, who would have to put up with second hand smoke.


Just because smoking is done outdoors does not stop smoke from affecting other nearby people or passersby--especially if several smokers are congregating in one place. Those with allergies to smoke or with lung disease cannot and should not be subjected to second hand smoke.


Next time, try one of the less crowded beaches, and smoke well away from others who may be there. You may find the solitude enjoyable.

Posted by: Tim McCollum | Aug 19, 2014 07:22

Rehoboth Beach is alive and well with or without Ms. Boucher and her family.

Posted by: Tim McCollum | Aug 19, 2014 08:29

Just the facts Ms. Boucher. I believe the RB businesses are doing just fine with the interfering liberals' policy and happy do-righters meddling as you state.

Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Aug 20, 2014 03:47

Insensitive comment Tim. Smokers deserve respect too.

Posted by: Tim McCollum | Aug 21, 2014 20:11

Normally Mr. Price I would not reply to your comment, but I am far from insensitive.  I respect Ms. Boucher’s rights to smoke or not smoke, visit RB or not visit RB, and thus to make choices within the laws and regulations on the books.  You too seem to agree with that as noted in your post on Cape Gazette.  “smoking is illegal in Delaware facilities. private clubs enjoy favor from the state through the addition of slot machines. in that case, private clubs should be required to follow the rules that other gambling establishments must follow via law. that is all.” (Mr. Price, Facebook post in Cape Gazette Comments, April 19, 2014)

Ms. Boucher has made it perfectly clear that with the RB smoking ban she wishes ill will on RB and the businesses that support our great community.  Please see the below comment posted in the Cape Gazette Comments.   “I know when my family comes to visit, we will no longer come to Rehoboth Beach and I hope this move costs your dearly” (Ms. Boucher, Facebook post, Feb. 25, 2014)   You Mr. Price must see that post as sensitive.

Ms. Boucher states in a current post “It is nice to see what kind, caring friendly and perfect people like you and your family are, who are controlling a free open space so less desireables like me because of my bad habit, can't intrude on your perfect life. It really is all about you and your friends and family isn't it Mr. McCollum?” (Ms. Boucher, Facebook Post in Cape Gazette Comments).  Ms. Boucher does not know me but I am far from perfect.  My family is far from perfect, my friends are far from perfect.  That is not a place I want to be.  What I am is happy.  I am happy with who I am.  I am happy and grateful for my family (smokers and non-smokers).  I am happy and grateful for my friends (smokers and non-smokers).  I work hard, pay taxes, vote regularly including general elections mid-terms, primaries and school referendums.  I am grateful to live in Sussex County. I support our great community. I contribute to charities; local, National, and International.  Maybe we should plan a lunch date so you can “see” how imperfect I am.  However this Cape Gazette Comments post by Ms Boucher seems like it is all about her.  “Don't go to a private club if what they offer offends you. Better yet, stay at home because what you and your "liberal" friends keep doing offends me”.  (Ms. Boucher quote April 2, 2014, Cape Gazette).  No respect for the law.

What I do is not respect is hypocrisy and folks that create their own facts to create propaganda.  Ms Boucher believes that RB government is a bunch of liberals.  Really?  The local government passed the smoking ban.

Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Aug 22, 2014 21:25

I read Ms Boucher's comments Tim. I was not surprised by her rant, however I was surprised by your comment " Rehoboth Beach is alive and well with or without Ms. Boucher and her family." It is not like you to say something like that. That is all I was trying to say.

Posted by: Tim McCollum | Aug 23, 2014 09:04

I appreciate your observation Barry.

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