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So much for all the hype!

By Sumner Spence | Feb 06, 2014

I've been paying attention to the Super Bowls since1995 and this was not even a game. This should have been a good game with both teams having been the top seeds in their respective conferences, but it ended up being one of the least competitive Super Bowl matchups ever played! The game started off terribly for the Broncos from the very first play! When the ball was snapped over Peyton Manning's head for a safety, the evening was already in a shambles! The Seahawks never looked back!

The score was 22-0 at the half and the Broncos were down by 35 points when they were finally able to score ending with a 43-8 finish. Pathetic! All the hope that was put out there for a good second half was dashed when the Seahawk's Percy Harvin returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Then the viewers were all just hoping for some great commercials. My favorites were the Doritos Time Machine and the Budweiser one with the horse and the puppy.

In other sports, the Winter Olympics start this week on NBC. Because this is all taking place in Russia, a nine-hour time difference for the East Coast, even I will not be able to watch all the events. There's been a lot of concern about security and safety for the athletes and visitors but we can all hope that the only problems will be in finding a hotel that has drinkable water and beds! GO, USA!

I have to end this week's article on a warm note and remind everyone that spring isn't too far off since the Phillies' spring training is only about a week away. Hopefully there are warmer temperatures coming to our neck of the woods soon. This is a winter we will all be glad to have behind us!


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