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SoDel Rollergirls skate at Shamrock Showdown

Inaugural bout held in Milford
Apr 10, 2014
Photo by: Deny Howeth Diamond State Rollergirl Slip Ya a Micki tries to pass jammer Angela Colone (Gorelee Girl).

The Shamrock Showdown held March 29 was hosted by Milford Skating Center featuring the Diamond State Rollergirls and the Southern Delaware Rollergirls in a bout that ended 308-165.

Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track. Game play consists of a series of short matchups or jams in which both teams designate a scoring player, the jammer, wearing a star cap, who scores points by lapping or overtaking members of the opposing team.

The teams attempt to assist their own jammer while hindering the opposing jammer - in effect, playing both offense and defense simultaneously. Roller derby is played by approximately 1,250 amateur leagues worldwide, nearly half of them outside the U.S.

Freckles Fatale, Slip Ya a Micki, and Curl Up or Dye block Brawl & Torture SVU. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Blocking the Diamond State Rollergirls jammer, Cheetahs Never Prosper, is Kasey Bennett. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Trying to get SoDel jammer Jamie Doerfler (Betty ClockHer) through is Elayne Jones (Mila Choke A'Bitch), as Jennifer White (Adorabully) catches up to the pack. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Both teams commune after the bout. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Elayne Jones (Mila Choke A'Bitch) skates backward to block the jammer from Diamond State Rollergirls as Jen Wyatt (Armajennon) keeps the block. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Southern Delaware Rollergirls take a huddle and listen to Sarah White (Street Treats), kneeling, Alicia Kendorski (Prim and Pop Her - No. 110), Angela Colone (Gorelee Girl - No. 38), and Donna Heimall (Bat$ Hit Crazy - No. 32). (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Derby Scorekeepers (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Derby roller girls are known for their tats and fancy legwear. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Jamie Doerfler (Betty ClockHer) is jamming. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Skulls and bones are part of the wardrobe (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Angela Colone (Gorelee Girl) talks to Megan Weber, a derby player at Salisbury. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Full-on pressure comes from Calamity Roo and CopaKaBANGya to keep jammer Melissa Clampitt (Glitz N' SlamHer) from getting through; the referee is Zack Oliphant (XZacklee Rite). (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
So Del Rollergirls gather in a pack to keep  Diamond State Rollergirl Slip Ya a Micki from scoring (l-r) Casey Shaver (Brawl & Torture SVU), Casey Bennett (Racey Anthony), Elayne Jones (Mila Choke A'Bitch) and Jennifer White (Adorabully). (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Part of the derby culture is "falling small," trying to keep your body small as possible to keep others from tripping over you. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Helmet art is part of the derby culture. Jennifer White (Adorabully) sports her interests. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Jen Wyatt (Armajennon) proclaims on her helmet  that roller derby saved her soul. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
MVPs Sarah White (Street Treats), Sarah Reim (Sgt. Slamwich), Rosie the RivetHer and Slip You a Micki share smiles. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Serious pressure to keep the DSRG from scoring. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
SoDel 's Melissa Clampitt (Glitz N'SlamHer) passes and scores against Diamond State Rollergirls Janamal Kracka and Calamity Roo. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Jamie Doerfler (Betty ClockHer) and Kasey Bennett (Racey Anthony) go through the line of congratulatory high fives. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Suicide seating can be a dangerous place. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
Keeping the DSRG from scoring. (Photo by: Deny Howeth)
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