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Stop playing games with our nation's services

By Michael Donnelly | Oct 10, 2013

The inability of our elected leaders in Washington to keep the federal government open is appalling. As a federal employee in, I am proud to go to work each day to do my part for the country I love.

Now that the government is shut down, federal workers like me must stay at 
home and wait. We are no longer able to provide the services that we know 
our fellow Americans rely on. Because of the shutdown, families may have 
to cancel trips to national parks, first-time homebuyers may see delays in 
the processing of federally-backed loans, and we will question the safety 
of the food we eat.

Federal workers are also being penalized in the pocketbook. Even employees who aren't furloughed will not be paid as long as the government is shut 

Our representatives in Congress need to stop playing games with our 
nation's services and those who provide them. They must immediately 
resolve the budget crisis so federal employees across the nation and right 
here at home can get back to work for our country.

Michael Donnelly

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