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Stop protecting a lame president

By Sandra Snowberger | Jul 29, 2014

I need to respond to a Viewpoints letter in the Gazette from a Mr. Richard Freeman in which he attacked Mr. Kuehnl in the July 17 edition. Typical liberal attack, I want to add. He thinks that the IRS scandal and the VA scandal and Behghazi and Fast and Furious and the dumping of illegal immigrant children all around the U.S. and, of course, ObamaCare are all stories made up by Fox News to just attack Obama, whether he is at fault or not.

He felt okay to call the (wacky) far right thoughts to be totally ridiculous because they do not follow his belief that this president is beyond criticism and has done everything perfectly, and we should not question his “royalty.” The first step is to attack Fox News because they do deliver the news that pertains to our country and not what Hollywood or Twitter want you to believe.

What do you think about the IRS targeting anybody? What do you think about the VA targeting our veterans, and not giving them the best of care that our country should be? What do you think about Fast and Furious where American weapons were sent to Mexico and have caused the deaths of not just some Americans, but also other people? And the dumping of thousands of illegal immigrant children all over our country and no one can get any information about them.

Ask a couple of governors and senators. And tell me any good that has come out of ObamaCare besides higher premiums and loss of coverage for many American citizens. Do you deny that any of this has happened? And who is the president of our country right now? And where does the buck stop?

How about addressing these issues instead of criticizing Fox News and Mr. Kuehnl? How about stop protecting a president who clearly does not like our country, does not have a clue what is going on (until he watches the news on TV), and has been a destructive force in his quest to “transform America.” I do suggest that maybe you watch BBC news to get our country's real news and then you will find that they report most of what Fox News does.

Mr. Freeman, why are you “keeping your preconceived notions or 'popular' misconceptions of the facts fed to you by others?”

Sandra Snowberger

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Posted by: Tim McCollum | Jul 29, 2014 11:53

Ms. Gentul please climb out from under that rock!  Hawaii is part of the US. Less fact and more hysteria!

Posted by: Tim McCollum | Jul 30, 2014 11:18

Ms.Snowberger you too are creating lies.  I re-read Mr. Freeman's letter. He does not state in any manner that Fox News creates stories to attack President Obama.

To answer your question on the Affordable Care Act regarding anything good. Just think preventive care with no co-pay, no discrimination due to pre- existing conditions, and no more lifetime caps on coverage.  The Affordable Care Act delivering better health to DE and the Nation.

Please no more hysteria.

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