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Suggestions on Route 1 improvements

By Kendrick Lee | Aug 21, 2013

Further to your lead on the Aug. 9 edition about Delaware Route 1 traffic, I write as a Marylander who comes your way often, and who dreads weekend Route 1 traffic. I suggest the planners consider a definition of the problem that incorporates the fact that the road is forced to serve two purposes: both local and through traffic. These need to be separated.

I commend to the planners a brief visit to U.S. 50 as it traverses Kent Island, and the fly-overs that separate local from through traffic, and eliminate traffic lights. Finally, observing the significant Delaware tolls on I-95, and on the twin bridges over the Delaware River, Delaware could install a system like that on the InterCounty Connector in suburban Maryland, that taps E-ZPass and its equivalents for paying significant portions of the road's costs. For a Route 1 that in fact enabled through traffic, travelers would very likely be willing to pay the toll.

Kendrick Lee
Silver Spring, Md. and Milton

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Aug 22, 2013 08:27

Delaware could very well take lessons from the planners in Maryland Kendrick Lee as it should. I have often wondered about this question. Road construction and planning for the future are apparent in our sister state. Look at the sequential lights going through Ocean City - the traffic patterns on Route 50, and construction with the future in mind. The inlet in OC seems to be working without threat to it's beach or superstructure.

Only one problem. Delaware is a small state, and not nearly as rich as Maryland. We have to be smarter it is true, and stretch our resources to meet citizen demand.

Also, Maryland is very liberal, while Delaware in the past has been conservative on spending. Your ideas are right on, but I'm afraid Delaware and Maryland - while having much in common geographically, historically, and culturally do not share equal bank accounts.

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