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Sunny Regularity

By Taylor Goebel | Jun 13, 2012

Park & Ride Bus — There's nothing but simplicity in this photo, so I won't justify it to make it seem any more important or thought-provoking than it is. I thought the sleeping little girl was cute. It was a nice break from five minutes before, when she kept on repeating a strange, unpleasant sound every three seconds, such as kids do. But now here she is, sleeping peacefully. The older woman next to the girl seemed to juxtapose her nicely so I captured her as well. I also saw it funny that the conveniences of the day- cell phone, travel cup, long strapped shoulder bag, and split bridged sunglasses- all seemed to be working together to tie her down. She seems to have got a nice handle on it though.

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Posted by: Dennis Forney | Jun 14, 2012 09:04

I like these observations.  There is something of quotidian curiosity and contentment about them: things of the every day world, things seen along the way. This is the majority of life and the importance of life. I also like the sense of all the things tying the lady down. Details. Thank you.

Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Jun 19, 2012 07:52

An incredible photo that defines Dennis Forney's unquotidian descriptive word.

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