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Support legislation to help homeowners

By Lewis H. Newman | Apr 12, 2013

In this era of economic hard times, we need people like Senator Bruce Ennis to present bills like he is proposing to keep lot rents affordable for mobile home parks. I would also like to see a bill that offers a settlement to whom these increases are a hardship.

I remember when a mobile home park on Long Neck Road adjusted their lot rents to ridiculous amounts. Now there are a lot of for sale signs and abandoned mobile homes in these parks.

I live in Massey's Landing Mobile Home Park. My 2013 lot rent increased significantly. Are you ready for this? Our lot rents went up 35 percent to almost 50 percent. As a senior myself and on a fixed income, I don't know where to scrape together more money to pay additional lot rent.

I understand that Massey's Landing, Inc. is a business but this is my home, my life savings is in this home. Where do we go for help?

Please support Senator Ennis's bill to limit lot rent increases to a reasonable amount.

Lewis H. Newman

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