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Sussex candidate says code of ethics needed

By Brad Connor | Jul 15, 2014

I am Brad Connor, and I am running for the 5th District Sussex County Council position presently held by Mr. Phillips. I read with interest the letter from my primary opponent concerning a Sussex County Code of ethics in last week’s various papers. I first want to make it clear, I was the first candidate to even begin talking about a code of ethics, and it has been on my literature and presentations since the day I filed for office on March 5. All the other candidates are now either hopping on my train, or coming up with their own way to bring ethics and integrity to Sussex County.

When I am elected, the first piece of legislation that I will introduce will be a Sussex County Code of Ethics. New Castle County and Kent County have one and it is way past time for the county I love and have called home to have their own.

This is not a political game or something to joke about. Since I have been going door to door everyone I meet is telling me to stay on this and they did not even know that our elected officials and county employees were not operating under an ethics code. In the next couple of weeks, I will be meeting with officials in Kent County to get a briefing on how their code works, what is the cost for administering the code, and what has worked and not worked.

As the mayor of Dagsboro, I have long operated under the Towns Charter, Section 14 Contracts, which lays out the language that forbids the town council and mayor to enter into a contract in excess of $500 with any partnership or corporation in which any of us have an interest. I will not have a problem being an elected official under a Sussex County Code of Ethics.

Brad Connor
5th District Sussex County Council

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