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Sussex Council: The dog ate my homework

By Bill Oliva | Aug 22, 2014

Sussex County Council voted 4-1 to accept the withdrawal of Mr. Pires’ application for his proposed music venue. The significance is that the music venue is still alive. In effect, the council simply voted to defer its decision yet again.

Mr. Pires can return at any time and continue where he left off. Had the council voted against withdrawal, he would have had to submit a new application and begin the process anew.

The reason for withdrawal that the council accepted is beyond lame. The withdrawal letter stated that there was a “misunderstanding” between the applicant (who is an attorney) and his attorney as to the level of detail needed for the application, even though requirements are specified by law and regulations.

A misunderstanding? Are you kidding me? “The dog ate my homework” would have been a better excuse. Maybe save that one for the next council vote.

Bill Oliva

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