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Sussex councilwoman implores state to get involved

By Joan Deaver | Oct 11, 2012

The following letter was sent to Gov. Jack Markell and the Delaware General Assembly, with a copy submitted to the Cape Gazette for publication.

I am asking for your help. I am seeing that our government allows new development but doesn't have the capacity to provide safe roads.  Since year 2000 the third council district has welcomed 10,000 new residents. Do we have the responsibility to provide safe transportation for all our many visitors and residents?

I need your immediate attention because we are growing fast again. This district has at least five new communities and new homes are being built here every day. If there is not enough money or capacity to provide safe transportation then what can I do to help? What must the county do?  If it's lack of money, then why isn't there enough money? Are all partiesbpaying their fair share?  Is it only Sussex County that is experiencing this? Is Sussex County receiving its fair share of state funding?

Many of my constituents want Sussex to adopt an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance.  I introduced one, then the Positive Growth Alliance and Realtors lobbied so hard I could see there was no chance of it being adopted. Is it the answer?  If not, then what must we do to work together on this issue?

Sussex County Councilwoman Joan Deaver
Rehoboth Beach

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