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Sussex County is in search of a slogan

Nov 25, 2013

Sussex County Council is officially in search of a new slogan. It's time to discard the old, which few people even noticed: Your Business Partner.

However, a proposed new slogan – Discover Our Roots – got a lukewarm reception from council.

As the Cape Gazette staff is well aware, the talent and creativity of our readers can't be beat, so we're issuing a challenge: Come up with the best slogan for Sussex County, and we'll give you the Cape Gazette prize package: A one-year subscription to the paper which includes the online edition, a Cape Gazette hat and a Sussex County license plate.

Of course there's no guarantee Sussex County Council will put the slogan on its signs, but we guarantee your council will read about it.

Contest ends Dec. 1 so get your brain in gear and post your ideas below or email

Comments (3)
Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Nov 04, 2013 19:37

You gotta' do better with the prizes. partner with local restaurants, stores, government, churches, civic organizations, and the like to provide a class prize for a World Class County.

Posted by: Robert Busche jr | Nov 25, 2013 22:53

Place Your Roots!


Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Nov 26, 2013 17:14

Sussex - For Sale

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