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Sussex Gardeners get the buzz on honey bees

Sep 24, 2013
Source: Submitted

Sussex Gardeners were treated to an informative and interesting presentation at their regular September meeting by Glen Gauvry, a member of Ecological Research and Development Inc. and the Delaware Beekeepers Association.

Gauvry spoke of the importance of honey bees in the pollination of various plant species, and the joys and benefits of beekeeping.  Shown in the photo are three types of honey, from light to dark, which Gauvry brought for everyone to taste. The light sample was produced by his "girls," as he refers to his female bees. Honey color depends upon the type of flower on which the bees feed.

Gauvry suggested that gardeners encourage the mason bee in their gardens, a gentle, rarely stinging honey bee, for food and flower pollination. For more information about Delaware bees, visit


Delaware beekeeper Glen Gauvry speaks to the Sussex Gardeners about the value and importance of honey bees. (Source: Submitted)
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