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Sussex knows who has the power, money

By Walt Cunningham | Oct 03, 2013

On one side we have a Sussex County family who traces roots back in this area to just after the Pilgrims landed. They own thousands or more acres adjoining the Love Creek area. Family members have served Delaware at all levels of high political and judicial levels over the past centuries. They have Delaware's best interest in mind - not just another development.

On the other side we have a conglamaration of many transplanted retirees and seniors from Pennsylvania, Jersey, Virginia and Maryland. Many are fairly new to our great state. A good many live in their cookie cutter type developments on their one acre or smaller lots. Many are adjacent to the contested RV park.

They have written many letters to the editor, signed petitions, and formed coalitions fighting this zoning change. These acts did not change or influence the zoning board in the slightest! I am not inferring they already had their mind made up. But this is not rocket science!

The Sussex County zoning board knows who has the power and money in this area and they voted 4-1 in favor of the RV park. They send their recommendation to the Sussex County Council for a vote. Think about it ! I will be shocked if the Sussex County Council votes any differently than the zoning board!

Walt Cunningham

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Posted by: Marion Gentul | Oct 04, 2013 09:57

I do not mean to insult other residents, but I have yet to see a rational argument in favor of RV City, just obvious resentment that maybe the "cookie cutter" houses are nicer than theirs, people who live in them do not have the same rights as those who lived here before, and we should all bow to the will of the superior families that supposedly came over with the "Pilgrims." Does not sound like America to me - a second generation American from a hard-working family from New Jersey who through this hard-work was able to recently afford a very nice home here in Lewes.

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