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Sussex needs affordable vacation spots

By Rick Strohm | Jan 11, 2014

Affordable  places for vacationers in the area are a definite plus and a real need. The Love Creek RV Park would be exactly that. You can’t stop the never-ending momentum of development, especially since we have chosen to live within miles of the ocean.  All of the local outcry about disturbing the delicate natural habitat seems a bit ingenious considering you and your neighbors have already built a huge development of your own in the same space! Basically it’s luck of the draw when you live near an undeveloped large area. Love Creek neighbors should look on the bright side. They could be building a raw sewage treatment center instead!

Rick Strohm

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Posted by: Greg and Terri Kordal | Jan 13, 2014 10:07

The opposition to the RV Park have never stated they oppose development - we strongly believe that this land is the wrong place for an RV Campground.  The zoning change and conditional use applications are not supported by the ordinances - the legal position.  The commissioner of DNREC has stated this land should be preserved as open space - the environmental issue.  On these positions alone county council should vote NO for the RV park.  If the developer wishes to follow the current zoning and the Comprehensive Plan - let them propose the appropriate development on the right location.

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