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Sussex officials taken to task

By Evan M. Bush | Aug 22, 2014

Not only was the letter from the Secretary of Transportation withheld, but my letter stating procedural irregularities, in particular, that the zoning code calls for a public hearing on the report from planning and zoning.

In addition, when Mr. Cole asked what was missing from the preliminary site plan, Mr. Abbott and Mr. Robertson would only say "some things."

Among the "some things" was a site plan signed and sealed by an engineer, an important element. The drawings, which were by an engineer, stated that, before a preliminary site plan was approved, a survey and delineation of the wetlands had to be done.

The minutes of the public hearing on the application are interesting as well.

The minutes state that Mr. Lank said the drawings had been submitted that day. On the audio transcript, Mr. Lank says the drawings had been submitted just before the meeting and he had not had a chance to read them.

Also there is a long list of objections that are missing several of them. Among the missing objections was the comment that a festival in August would prevent planting either corn or soybeans.

Evan M. Bush

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