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Sussex Parkinson's education a real plus

By Lisa Velasco | Nov 07, 2013

I would just like to thank the Sussex County Parkinson's Education & Support Group for bringing Becky Farley, PhD, to our area.

Farley is a researcher, physical therapist, neuroscientist and Parkinson's exercise specialist. She is the founder of PWR!, which is a method used to truly implement “Exercise as Medicine” for people with PD. She has been in the area for the last four days teaching her program, PWR!

As a personal trainer here in Bethany Beach, I was able to attend her workshop. It was a phenomenal training class. I now have a better understanding of the disease and feel much more capable to help those with Parkinson's disease through exercise. We learned how to optimize brain health, learning function, and slow motor deterioration for people with Parkinson's through the exercise concept PWR!

I also want to thank those who have PD who participated in the workshop. They are an amazing group of people who were willing to try anything that they were challenged with. It was obvious to me they were benefiting from this method of training, as I also was from this hands-on experience. This group also provided us with breakfasts, snacks and great home-cooked lunches. The class was of great benefit and provided a wonderful overall experience for me.

A special thanks also needs to go to Dennis Leebel, for which none of this would have happened without his drive and determination.

Lisa Velasco

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Bethany Beach

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