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Sussex planners recommend approval of RV park

Project now goes to Sussex County Council for final vote
Aug 22, 2013

The Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission voted Aug. 22 to recommend approval of a change of zone and a conditional use for a 628-lot RV park and campground on Cedar Grove Road near Lewes.

Before the commission meeting began, scores of residents rallied to oppose the park, later filling the meeting room to capacity. The commissioners voted 4-1 to recommend that Sussex County Council approve the applications of Jack Lingo Asset Management, which plans to build Love Creek RV Resort and Campground on a 162-acre parcel.

Voting against the application was Commissioner Rodney Smith, who said the location was not appropriate for the planned park.

Sussex County Council will put the matter on a future agenda for a final vote.

Organizers of the opposition said they will not give up and will continue their effort to block the proposed park.

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Posted by: Greg and Terri Kordal | Aug 23, 2013 07:37

One of five commissioners actually got it - this location is not the place for an RV campground.  Thank you Commissioner Rodney Smith for listening and doing the right thing. 

As to the other four - your support of this project was a travesty.  You failed to fully assess all the issues and conveniently hid behind the flawed traffic study and insignificant concessions by the applicant.  You also conveniently ignored several of the negative points - including the economic impact, which was supplied by the County Finance Director.  Your dismissal of the opposition's presentations as not "expert" was insulting.   How can a traffic study paid for by the applicant and rubber stamped by Deldot be considered "expert"?  You never addressed traffic from the north and traffic down Old Postal Road.  You overlooked DENREC stating this parcel should remain as is.  You failed to listen to the people - yes this is not a popularity contest, it is government by the people and for the people.  Hopefully County Council will bring sanity to the proceedings.

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