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Sussex Tech staging site for emergency drills

Students team up with scouts, firefighters, police
By Mike Love | Dec 27, 2012
Photos by: Mike Love Sussex Tech students and Boy Scouts sit at desks in the chemistry lab covered in latex wounds, waiting for the mock drill to begin

Special to the Cape Gazette — Students from Sussex Technical High School and local Boy Scouts teamed up with firefighters, Delaware State Police and EMTs to stage various emergency drills recently. Sue Brady, criminal justice instructor at Sussex Tech, said she used her connections as a retired state trooper to bring these various first responders to this educational event.

The mock drills included a fire in the chemistry lab, the aftermath of an explosion and a mock car crash in which the firefighters disassembled the vehicles to get the children safely out. Additionally, two K9 units performed demonstrations of their narcotic and bomb sniffing dogs and state police helicopter pilots touching down in the football field.

The drills provided the students with valuable experience. In addition to seeing the procedures involved in an emergency, many of the students were able to put what they have learned to work. Health students bandaged the wounds which were crafted by cosmetology students in grim detail.

Pieces of plastic which looked like jagged glass protruded from the arms and faces of some students while others had large patches of raised red and black flesh meant to simulate severe burns.

The Boy Scouts, led by Scoutmaster Denis Redington, earned their merit badges for emergency preparedness.




Firefighters load the more severely injured students onto stretchers while those whose injuries are lesser, laying on the floor in shock, are taken out in wheelchairs.
Cpl. Eric Glasco’s K9 partner, Waldo, takes down Cpl. Matthew Blakeman who plays the part of a fleeing suspect.
Firefighters Colby Norwood and Jacob Townsend help John Arbeene up in the aftermath of a mock explosion.
Firefighter Quinn Baker wheels Jeffrey Clavette away from the aftermath of the mock explosion.
Firefighters (l-r) Colby Norwood, Quinn Baker, Robert Baker, Ernie Melson, Jacob Townsend, Lauren Pratt, Jeremy Locklear, Gauge Betts and Chip Steveson.
Students Samantha Hawkins, Hannah Davidson, Tenae Cannon and Cameron Jackson show off the gruesome work done by the cosmetology students.
Student Alex Metzler has consistently had the worst injuries throughout the day; he sported severe burns in the first drill and protruding bones in the third drill.
Firefighters assess the mock car accident. Several students are trapped in the car pinned to the light post, Justin Maile lays in shock under the car and Alex Metzler stands pinned between the car and the light post.
Jeremy Locklear cuts out the windshield as Chip Stevenson accesses the back of the vehicle.
Cpl. Mike Branch and Cpl. Bill White stand in front of one of the Delaware State Police’s emergency helicopters.
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