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Take care Delaware and stop the abuse

By Dotty Lecates | Aug 21, 2013

Many people come to Delaware to retire. Many others come to visit the beautiful beaches and wetland resorts - boating, fishing and summertime sports are most popular for everyone.

The Indian River and Millsboro area have become the most sought after areas in the state. The population has doubled and expected to continue.

Now, we are finding a large brownfield agreement is about to be introduced to enable an even larger industrial poultry processing plant to dump waste water into the Indian River.

Not just the tourism, with the boating, swimming, fishing and crabbing, but the drinking water and well water can be severely affected. Have your water tested (4.00) at the Public Health Department in Georgetown. This is for bacteria and nitrates only, further studies may be recommended.

Today on WBOC, local TV station for Delmarva, a Code Orange warning was issued for folks with respiration problems to stay inside. Air pollution is already an issue for our general public.

Please, please get involved. Ask questions (what is brownfield). Find out how you and your family will be affected.

Take care of Delaware – stop the abuse.

Dotty Lecates


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