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Tell Congress no war with Syria

By Jess McVay | Sep 09, 2013

When President Obama made remarks about chemical weapons being a "red line" for U.S. action, he made an ultimatum that he couldn't back up. The president wrote a check, and the American people refused to cash it. So now he feels the need to save face.

Bombing Syria would do the trick, but he'd get crucified politically, and rightly so. That much has become obvious over the past few days, and the president knows it. So he's turned to the Congress. If they approve, he's got political cover. If they refuse, he's lauded for standing up for the Constitution and Congress gets to exert their authority as a co-equal branch of government. Either way, the president is off the hook.

I'm willing to let him escape with some shred of his dignity intact in exchange for staying out of the Syrian conflict. Congress needs to say no to war with Syria.

Here's a chance for Congress to do the right thing and still help their president out of a jam. The British Parliament did it. Is Delaware's Congressional delegation capable of such courage, or are they just the president's poodles?

We need to help Congress choose wisely. Email them today and tell them, "No war with Syria!"

Jess McVay

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