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Thanks for editorial on coyote hunting

By Patricia Haddock | Aug 30, 2013

Bravo and thank you for your well-stated editorial on Delaware's proposal to allow year-round hunting of coyotes!

As you suggest, the coyote population here in Delaware is very small and not likely to increase. There have been no documented cases of coyote attacks on people or their pets. It would be irresponsible and highly inhumane for the Department of Fish and Wildlife to post regulations allowing unlimited hunting or trapping of these animals.

The proposal would result in the unnecessary suffering and deaths of adult animals, and leave young pups orphaned and unable to survive themselves.

Hunters are a vocal, but small part of our citizenry. Recent letters from the public to the Cape Gazette, including two just last week, express opposition to coyote hunting, and better illustrate the wider view that hunting coyotes should not be allowed.

Today most people oppose hunting, and the state of Delaware should not be in the position of encouraging or expanding it.

Thank you again for your clear editorial providing much-needed perspective.

Patricia Haddock

president, Delaware Votes For Animals


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