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Thanks to vigilant Lewes police

By Stacey Pfarr | Jul 21, 2013

Props to the Lewes Police Department!  Thank you so much for being out enforcing speed limits.  As a mother of two small children in downtown Lewes, I have to be honest: I love seeing your bike patrols and car stops.

In fact, one day, as a car flew up my usually quiet residential street, almost mowing down my preschool-aged son and daughter (and even our dog!) who were out playing, I called the local police.  Not three minutes passed before I saw a patrol car head in the direction the speeder.  Then the officer personally came by to let me know he had ticketed the reckless driver.

As we’ve recently seen with the DART bus accident which killed a pedestrian on Route 1, traffic safety is imperative. Thanks to the Lewes Police Department for keeping our residents safe.  I would love to see more patrols out keeping tabs on drivers who don’t know how to appreciate the relaxed lifestyle of “Slower Lower.”

Stacey Pfarr

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