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The Old is New Innovation

By Rachel Swick Mavity | Jun 12, 2014
Source: Sierra Club An old cutting board becomes a holder for your tablet or Kindle!

Everyone is trying to do more with less. We all want nice things in our home, but we don’t all have the money to head out and buy that fancy item at Pottery Barn. We are all trying to have nice things without paying the nice-things price.

I found this idea and totally fell in love with it! Thanks Sierra Club!

Here’s how to make it:

Being that I don’t have an iPad, I would use this holder for my Kindle so that I can easily access my Pinterest recipe boards while in the kitchen! What a great idea! Now I just need to hire someone to completed all the DIY projects that I’ve pinned.

Other great repurposing ideas around the house.

* Never throw away a jelly jar – they have so many uses. Use them to collect odds and ends. Use them for kids projects. Use them to hold nails, screws and other easily lost hardware. Use them to hold homemade lotions or sugar scrubs. Use them for leftovers. Use them to hold all the little girl bows, headbands and trinkets. Use them to collect dirt and earthworms with your little boy. Or make these cool jelly jar bar lights:

* Paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes. These are great for art projects! They are also great for holding cords around the house! Here’s some great ideas:

* Old spray bottles. Once you run out of those toxic sprays, clean and keep the bottle to make your own non-toxic home sprays! An easy combination of white vinegar, water and essential oils can be your new go-to spray! For more ideas:

* Cardboard boxes (mine are mostly from Amazon) can become anything when your child’s imagination takes over. We already know how versatile they are but here are some fun ideas:

* Old or broken dishes can become a fun mosaic project or part of a new patio. Here are some fun ideas for salvaged, home renovations:

What are your favorite ways to save a few bucks while using repurposed items?

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