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There is no 'I' in taxpayer

By Ron MacArthur | Apr 19, 2013

Each year Sussex County Council members dole out tens of thousands of dollars to worthwhile organizations in their respective districts in the form of councilmanic grants .

They receive glowing letters from the recipients thanking them personally for making donations, which range from $100 to $5,000. Sometimes photo ops are arranged, and photos of council members presenting checks appear in newspapers.

And during meetings when presentations are made, the word “I” is used frequently, as in: “I will donate $1,000.....”

During the April 9 meeting council was sternly reminded there is no “I” in taxpayer by none other than Dan Kramer of Greenwood, who has broken his vow of silence and now speaks at most council meetings.

Council – at least for one meeting – took his advice. During votes on grants at the April 16 meeting, council members used the phrase “taxpayers' account” instead of “my account.”


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