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There is no solution for 'stupid'

By Jeff Smith | Aug 15, 2013

DelDOT is looking for ways to reduce Route 1 fatalities and accidents around Rehoboth and Dewey Beach. Stupid drivers and pedestrians cause most of these.

Bikes riding on the wrong side of the road, drunk drivers hitting drunk walkers, people crossing in the middle of road when a light is 100 feet away, motorcycles without helmets, people walking in street or bike lanes, U-turns from the far lane, drivers using phones, horsing around in cars with feet hanging out of windows, etc, etc.

DelDOT can make "improvements" which will cause major disruptions in already gridlocked traffic. This will inconvenience 80,000 cars a day, but we will still be stuck with the real problem. There is no solution for stupid.

Jeff Smith
Rehoboth Beach

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