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This is worth about 250 words

By Ron MacArthur | Mar 28, 2012
Photo by: Ron MacArthur Time is expired on this meter in downtown Georgetown.

The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words could apply to this photograph taken March 27 in Georgetown. It shows a Sussex County Sheriff's Office car parked in a spot with time expired. I'm sure law enforcement officers and other public officials are exempt from paying for parking time in meters, but it looks bad when they don't.

It's a double standard, at least in my opinion, when we are expected to drop quarters in the meter and others are not. The Sheriff's Office is not alone when it comes to parking in metered areas without paying – or letting time expire. I've run across several county vehicles over the years doing the same thing. But I have to give the county kudos because I have not seen a vehicle illegally parked for at least a year.

It's better for public relations if those who don't have to pay for meters park in areas without meters. But then again, maybe nobody really cares.

And that's about 250 words.


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