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Thoughts on Lewes barn graffiti

By Don Matzkin | Jun 05, 2014

The graffiti adorning the Townsend barn on Kings Highway is currently the best thing about this once beautiful structure. The true defacement, and only crime here, is the demolition by neglect being suffered by this historic relic that deserves to be reclaimed and reused, adaptively or, preferably, as originally intended.

The photo in the Cape Gazette of a couple of weeks ago doesn't tell the whole story, although it does present the grafitti as a positive embellishment: Well conceived, thoughtfully placed and artistically executed. Even the colors appear to have been selected to coordinate with the silo background. All in all, a job worthy of the best wall writers and grafitti artists.

If we allow the things we say we value to waste away, we should be grateful that at least someone thinks they are deserving of special treatment, no matter how unwelcome.

Don Matzkin

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