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Thursday Trivia Challenge at The Pond.  It's fun, topical and really not that hard!  Top three teams receive $25, $15 & $10 prize coupons!  Hosted by Pete, Davey & Sharon

Feb 14, 2013
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Pond Thursday Trivia Challenge, Thursdays at 7pm

here are the rules.... reads more complicated than it is.

✦    Three Rounds, 7 questions per round
✦    Point scoring.
✦    Each team can bet 1 to 7 points per question, but can only bet the same number of points once in each round.  The point value bet by a team will be recorded and will not be allowed to be used again in the round.
✦    for team questions, no points will be deducted for wrong answers
✦    if team submits answer within thirty seconds, team will earn an extra point
✦    time limit to submit an answer will be three minutes    
✦    "Bonus" question at end of each round
✦    team can bet as many points as they have accrued up to that point in the game.
✦    points will be deducted for wrong answers
✦    INDIVIDUAL Team Member Question, Round 1.  Each team must select one member to go to trivia station & answer a question without assistance.  The correct answer will be worth 10 points.
✦    JUMP AHEAD Questions, Rounds 2 and 3.  The Jump Ahead question will ask each team to name a set number of items (for example, name the first four English settlements in the New World).  Each correct answer will be worth a pre-determined number of points (either 5 or 10 points).  The more correct answers, the more points scored.    
✦    TWO Fast Action Bonus at end of first and second rounds - five questions which must be answered in three minutes; 5 points for each right answer.  Answer all five correctly, earn 10 bonus points
✦    Game Bonus Question
✦    team can bet all points accrued during the game on the game bonus
✦    points will be deducted for wrong answers
✦    Winner receives $25 prize coupon, 2d Place, receives $15 coupon, 3rd Place receives $10 coupon

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