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Tim Buckmaster Endorses Harry K Foundation's Mission

By The Harry K Foundation | Nov 20, 2013
Tim Buckmaster and Harry Keswani work together for the common good of children.

Tim Buckmaster worked in Delaware schools for over 30 years. He began at Seaford High School as a teacher and over his extensive career in education he moved to Indian River School District and becoming an Assistant Principal at both Sussex Central High School and Middle School. He eventually moved on to Cape Henlopen School District where he was the Principal of Beacon Middle and retired from the position of Director of Personnel in Cape Henlopen’s administrative offices.

Over those years Buckmaster saw countless cases of childhood hunger in our schools. “Hunger knows no boundaries, except the limits we put on it,” he says. While Buckmaster says that he expects to see hunger in certain low-income communities, once he began work at Indian River School District, he realized that the need was pervasive. It was around that time he began purchasing extra food from the cafeteria and putting it in children’s lockers.

Buckmaster is reluctant to talk about some of the ways in which he used to feed children during his time in education. He did it quietly because he felt a deep sense of responsibility toward the children in his schools. For Buckmaster, though, it was also personal. He adopted a son from El Salvador; he says of his son, “He would talk to me about his hunger and how he suffered when he was hungry.”

One thing Buckmaster wants the public to know is that while teachers, and other school administrators may be trained to spot children who are hungry, it can often be allusive to the public. “Hunger is easy to hide behind nicely dressed children. It’s also easy to hide because no one talks about it and people are ashamed to say ‘I’m hungry.’ There are lots of programs, especially around the holidays, but hunger knows no timeline.”

This is why Buckmaster has gotten involved with the Harry K Foundation. Their mission is to defeat childhood hunger in Southern Delaware, which is closely aligned with Buckmaster’s personal philosophies. “I’ve always said that our children are our nation’s most valuable resource,” Buckmaster says, “[Feeding children] is our responsibility and it’s who we should be.”

Buckmaster is on the planning committee for the Harry K Foundation’s Annual Ball which is the cornerstone of their organization's fundraising efforts. The Christmas Ball takes place on December 14, 2013 at the Rehoboth Beach Country Club and is hoping to raise $200,000 to aid in the mission of feeding children in Southern Delaware. You can purchase tickets to the ball, or make a donation toward the foundation. Any amount donated goes directly to the cause, and is greatly appreciated.

For more information on the Harry K Foundation, the Christmas Ball, or making a charitable donation to help feed children in Southern Delaware, visit

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