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Time for legislators to stand up for SB33/SS1

By Dixie Boucher | Jun 22, 2013

The landowners are at it again. There is real momentum to get our bill SB33/SS1 passed that will offer thousands of homeowners at least some protection from unfair lot rents increases and lack of proper maintenance in smaller parks.

Any time we get close to having our bill passed the landowners panic and run all over the place to stop it. This time they have gotten one of "their" legislators to present an "unfriendly" amendment, effectively wiping out the small amount of accountability and protection from our pending bill.

They have also brought out their pet to spread rumors full of untruths about the Delaware Manufactured Homeowners Association by a disgruntled ex-member . This is old news that has been refuted time and time again. The same disgruntled ex-member is one of only two (never heard of the other person before) who jumped on board a "class action" suit filed by the landowners and not supported by the rest of the manufactured housing community.

How two people can claim to represent thousands who disagree with them I don't understand, but it is panic time for the landowners because they are really afraid this bill will pass and they will have to be accountable. I pray it does pass, and then the landowners will finally have to come to the table and talk about resolving our problems.

Then, you can put your ludicrous amendments in the trash and put your pet back in its cage. This game playing needs to end so all of us can enjoy whatever time we have left on this earth. We have the good fortune to live in a state that thousands of people visit every year, would they want to come back if they knew how people living here are being treated?

It is time for the legislators to stand up and time for the landowners to sit down, pass SB 33/SS 1 and let us get started fixing problems, not creating more.

Dixie Boucher

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Posted by: dorothy(dixie) Boucher | Jun 23, 2013 08:11

I am happy to announce the House has passed SB 33 now we need to go back to the Senate to ok an amendment, but that is not expected to be a problem.  It passed 39 yes, 1 absent and 1 not voting. One has to wonder why this is so different from last year?  Did people finally listen, finally read the stories of mistreatment in the papers, did the AG's office finally start really looking at prosecutable offenses? What mafe the difference this time around?  We have been complaining about the unfairness for years, the problems have been there for years, the rents continued to go up in unfair amounts for years,  so what made this year different?  I can speculate, but I would rather just say thank you to those who have worked on this for all those years and never gave up, like Ed Soeraw and Fred Neil of DMHOA, regardless of the "trash" and nastiness that was thrown at them.  I would also like to thank the Cape Gazette who published the stories and articles and letters about the problems in Manufactured Housing, which is the last,"affordable" form of housing in Delaware. This is not the end, but just the beginning and the fight will continue as the landowners will fight and test and try to diminish the effectiveness of this bill, and we will be there to fight back, Dixie Boucher

Posted by: dorothy(dixie) Boucher | Jun 23, 2013 08:14

excuse spelling error, MADE not mafe.  Once again, thanks to all who listened and cared and believed. Dixie Boucher

Posted by: dorothy(dixie) Boucher | Jun 23, 2013 08:16

Last correction, SPERAW not Soeraw, early morning finger numbnes, lol.

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