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To market, to market

Shields second-graders learn marketplace economics
By Ron MacArthur | Jun 24, 2013
Photo by: Ron MacArthur Jake Farrell, acting as shopkeeper for his sister, Brooke, does Madison Couchman's hair.

Each June, second-graders from Shields Elementary School in Lewes get hands-on economics training during Market Day. Students are responsible for developing a product and marketing and selling it to teachers, parents and fellow students.

As students shop, they must hire – and pay – other shopkeepers to man their booths. Products for sale at the June 7 event included book markers, artwork, paper flowers, jewelry, baked goods, handmade crafts, drinks, tie-dye shirts and socks and even fruit sticks, to name a few. Some students offered services such as hair and hand care.


Market Day
(Video by: Ron MacArthur)
Jacob Sala doesn't have much trouble selling his All-American cupcakes. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Natalie Constango has polished rocks for sale, and she also offers custom painting. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Ryan Betins has one of the most unique products on the market – handmade fishing lures. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Is Owen Daminger eating up his profits or enjoying a product he just purchased? (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Second-grade teacher Carole Short gets into the action by working on former Superintendent David Robinson's hair. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Chole Tobaco uses a little humor to attract people to her desk where she is selling artwork. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Adelle Leebel serves up punch as her Market Day product. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
Students line up to check out products for sale in Shields second-grade classrooms. (Photo by: Ron MacArthur)
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