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Trash along Camp Arrowhead Road appalling

By Jeff Rodgers | Jan 03, 2013

For the past five years I have lived full-time in a development off Camp Arrowhead Road in Lewes. As I drive, almost daily, on that road and then on to Route 24, I have become increasing appalled at the amount of trash alongside the road and in the fields.

As I have never seen many people walking on those roads, the trash must be from people throwing refuse out of their car windows.

It is almost beyond belief that in this day and age there are that many people who would do that, but it must be so, given the amount of trash that is consistently there. I am old enough to remember the famous ad where trash is thrown at the feet of a Native American and he sheds a single tear. This commercial, which first aired in the early 1970s, helped create awareness of the roadside pollution problem in many areas of the United States.

Clearly we need that ad in our area, or at least an awareness to people of how wrong throwing trash out of the window is.

Jeff Rodgers

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Posted by: Barry Wayne Price | Jan 08, 2013 10:57

This may sound harsh Jeff, but trash creates trash. There are worse places in Sussex where the trash thrown by people on roadsides has graduated from cans, paper, cigarette butts to couches, refrigerators, and and old TV's. You're right when you say it is appalling. There is no respect for the Earth, so why should we respect those that do it?

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