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By Barefoot Hardscapes | Apr 15, 2014
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Your new paver stones will have a very long life, and they deserve a proper installation. Barefoot always installs pavers over a bed of Crush and Run Aggregate (from 4” to 12” depending on traffic area) placed over compacted, undisturbed soils and a layer of geo-textile fabric. This fabric prevents the Aggregate from being able to integrate with the native soils (or sand) and virtually eliminates the potential of settling.  A thin sand bed over the stone allows us to compact and align the pavers to a uniform surface that will last for years to come. Tree Roots then become the only natural enemy of your installation; however “adjustments” are relatively easy and cost effective.

While some outfits are offering a “Lifetime Guarantee”, we continually receive calls to fix the work of companies that have gone out of business (thus their guarantee is null and void).  Barefoot Hardscapes warrants paver installations for a period of two years.  At the two year mark, we can re-certify your outdoor living area in two year increments for a small fee. Our technicians will blow the sand from the paver joints with compressed air and/or water, re-set the pavers into their sand bed with a vibratory plate tamp, and apply new sand.  Many clients also request a pressure wash cleaning at the time of this service, but it is not required to maintain your guarantee.

For great service, and a real "guarantee" call Aaron Frank at 302.526.0880, email, or for inspiration, please visit our Barefoot Facebook Page

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