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Unfinished Business: A Community Thrift Shop
18389 Olde Coach Rd.
Behind Panera Bread on Rte. 1
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Phone: 302-752-6225
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10 to 5; Sunday 10 to 1pm

The unfinished business of the 21st century is insuring equality for all regardless of race, gender, education, or sexual orientation.  It is our fundamental belief that unless all community members have equal opportunities and an equal playing field, none in that community will prosper or grow. We maintain that everyone shares equal value and should be afforded equal treatment.  Unfinished Business is in reference to this ideal.

Unfinished Business also refers to the 21st century’s focus to rescue this planet from the tragic consequences of environmental neglect and abuse. Globally, there is an effort to reinvent, recycle, and repurpose the material goods that define everyday life. A thrift shop establishes new uses and new owners for objects that are casually discarded or unwanted. Whether it is furniture or clothing, the Unfinished Business of material possessions is that they take on a different meaning and function depending on ownership.

And finally, Unfinished Business is a description of the owners of the community thrift shop. They will continue to march forward; to redefine their roles in the world; to work at all levels to eradicate inequality; to raise families, and to live life with purpose. This is their Unfinished Business.

Our Mission Statement

Unfinished Business: A Community Thrift Shop serves the residents of Sussex County, Delaware by providing gently used clothing, furniture, and household items at greatly reduced rates. A percentage (85%) of our  profits are donated to local organizations or individuals that promote and cultivate equality. Unfinished Business invests in human capital to face the challenge of being a catalyst for a positive social change in Sussex County.

What We Are All About!

Using the concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle and merging it with community activism, Unfinished Business: A Community Thrift Shop creates a winning combination for local non-profits looking for operating funds; local shoppers looking for a way to beat the high cost of living; and concerned citizens looking for environmentally sensitive ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Unfinished Business is the brainchild of local community activists Lynne Maloy and Paulette Rappa. It is a catalyst for a positive change in the social backdrop of Sussex County, while providing services to all members of the community. It is a mechanism to filter much needed operating funds to organizations struggling to meet the needs of the community. By investing in human capital, Unfinished Business will ultimately create programming that will supplement the business of building a community where all residents will have equal opportunities and substantive resources.

Unfinished Business: A Community Thrift Shop operates as a traditional thrift shop with a twist. Profits are donated to pre-determined organizations called associates and in return, these associates reach out to their membership for volunteers and donations. With guidelines dictated by the IRS and our own internal control, each of the associates will receive an annual donation based on a pre-determined formula of operation versus profit. We are proud that our first associate is CAMP Rehoboth.

Open in June 2013, Unfinished Business is located at 18389 Olde Coach Rd. Rehoboth, Delaware, 19971, behind Panera Bread on Route One next to Accents.

To learn more about our quality and drop-off procedures, click here.

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