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Update: Senate to vote on HB 35 today

Capt. Kelly testifies in favor of background-check bill
By Kara Nuzback | Apr 18, 2013
Photo by: Kara Nuzback Capt. Mark Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, speaks at Legislative Hall before testifying at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in favor of legislation requiring background checks for the private sale of guns.

Dover — Capt. Mark Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, spoke in Dover April 17 before testifying at a Senate judiciary committee hearing on House Bill 35, a measure that would require background checks for the purchase of firearms.

Giffords survived injuries she suffered in a 2011 Tuscon shooting that left 6 people dead.

The bill was released from the Senate committee in a vote of 4-1 after about two hours of public testimony.  The majority of those who testified were opposed to the bill.

Shortly before the hearing, Delaware 9-12 Patriots rallied against the measure outside Legislative Hall.

9-12 Patriots Executive Director Theresa Garcia presented lawmakers with a petition signed by 3,450 opponents of the measure.

HB 35 would make background checks mandatory for private sales or transfers of firearms, excluding sales between immediate family members and law enforcement officers. Gun dealers would be required to make the background checks.

Background checks are already required when a licensed dealer sells a gun and when a private party asks a dealer to perform a background check.

House Representatives passed the bill March 28.  Is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate today.




About 100 9-12 Patriots rally in Dover April 17. (Photo by: Kara Nuzback)
Rep. Tim Dukes, R-Laurel, said he has received  more than 300 emails from constituents asking him to vote no on HB 35, which would require background checks on private guns sales. "We have the right to protect ourselves," he said. (Photo by: Kara Nuzback)
9-12 Patriots Executive Director Theresa Garcia speaks at a rally at Legislative Hall April 17, where she presented a petition to lawmakers asking them to oppose HB 35. At right are Sen. Gary Simpson, R-Milford; Rep. Jeff Spiegelman, R-Clayton; Rep. Timothy Dukes, R-Laurel; and Sen. David Lawson, R-Marydel. (Photo by: Kara Nuzback)
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Posted by: Thomas Adams | Apr 17, 2013 17:38

Pssst, Theresa!  I've visited the Delaware 9-12 Patriots web site several times in the last few months looking for information on your organization's position on gun violence.  There's no there there.  But I also noticed that your by-laws are "under construction" (misspelled as "bi-laws" but never mind).   Don't you think you're a tad tardy in crafting and adopting a set of rules to guide the affairs of your organization?  After all, it's been around since March 2009.

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