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Vote Cooper to continue record of leadership

By Howard Menaker | Jul 31, 2014

All elections have consequences, but none in recent memory has been more consequential than this year’s election for mayor. Sam Cooper has been mayor for many years, and some think that is a problem. But the opposite is true. Sam Cooper has developed a deep knowledge of the issues facing our city and over those years, he has led our city with outstanding ethics, unequaled dedication and great wisdom.

Our city is well run, financially sound, and is a wonderful place to live. Why would we change just for the sake of change? Let’s not throw out years of leadership and experience for a simple promise of “a new vision,” when that “new vision” means electing someone who is not ready to be the mayor of our city. We cannot afford to entrust the leadership of our city to someone who has not participated in the affairs of the city or bothered to learn about the issues facing us.

In essence, every election for mayor is a chance to hire a CEO for our city. I will cast my vote for the CEO with the knowledge, experience, judgment and record of accomplishment to continue leading our city well. I will vote for Sam Cooper and encourage all my neighbors to do the same.

Howard Menaker
Rehoboth Beach

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