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Wake up, Sussex County Council

By Gail Kane | Jun 28, 2013

This letter is in response to an article in the Cape Gazette's Tuesday June 18 edition.

The story about the Sussex County Council a no show on the state committee storm water regulation is no surprise.  Sussex County Council has a history of not doing things that could help Sussex County residents. The comment by Joan Deaver on the tour of the county after prolonged rainy periods is what is wrong with Sussex County Council. Ms. Deaver commented, “But other council members looked at it and didn't see it.” Some on the council have the thinking and acting, "if it does not affect me [council members],I don't care!"

The storm water problem in this county is a big problem. One of the biggest problems is the drainage ditches in the county are not maintained. The drainage ditches are owned by the county, but they act as if it's not their concern or problem. A few people keep their ditches in front of their homes cleaned, but the majority of the ditches never get cleaned out.

Something has to be done to wake up Sussex County Council. The county council needs to take on the responsibility of the maintenance of the ditches.

Voters, watch who you vote for.

Gail Kane

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